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Accepted Abstracts


Abstracts are currently being received and accepted. This page will continue to be updated accordingly.

Teemu Ahola – Collecting iron and steel industry by nationwide co-operation

Jonathan Aylen – Americanisation of the Landscape: How the Wide Hot Strip Mill Came to Wales

Nick Aymes – Brymbo Heritage Area – from Fossils to Iron and Steel

Lidija Bajuk and Jelka Vince Pallua – Against the Corrosion of Romantic Memory: A Regenerative Ethnographic Stroll through Croatian Landscapes and Cultures of the Iron Age

Janice Baker – OPEN/CUT: Cultural heritage and Western Australia’s iron ore romance

Ian Bapty – Romance or Separation? Forging the Heritage of Iron in the Age of Austerity and the Big Society

Clare Barry – From Pier to Eternity: The British seaside pier 1861-1951

Jacqueline Bayon and T.O. Gheorghiu and Gabriela Pascu – Iron Landscapes and Iron Skylines Change the Romanian Communities

Jeffrey L. Beard – Elevated Water Tanks: Sentinels of Steel for Water and Wayfinding in 19th and 20th Century America

Jeffrey Beard and Thomas Leslie – Rail Lines to Skylines: The Transformation of the Steel Rail Industry into Structural Steel for Buildings, 1870-1910

Paz Benito and Elena Gonzalez-Polledo – Territory, industrial heritage and steel: Experiences in North of Spain

Adebowale Biodun – Money in Nigeria Economy: Iron, the Antecedent to Paper Money

Howard Bossen – Land, Terrain and Skyline: Steel as industrial landscape

Andrew Brown – Volunteering in a World Heritage Site: Life after HLF

Fabiane Cabral – Made in Scotland: the cast ironwork legacy in Brazil

Ceila Cardoso – 2 buildings skin + bones: One market and one factory at Salvador – Bahia – Brasil

Elizabeth Cavaliere – Wrought Iron and Railroad Bridges: Alexander Henderson’s photographs along the Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa & Occidental Railway

Carlo Cecere and Edoardo Currà – The Maraini Sugar Factory: a big “meccano” of iron components

Helena Chance – ‘The Factory in a Garden’: Redefining Space and Place in the Industrial Landscape in Britain and the United States, 1880 – 1939

Stephen Chance – The Rust Revival: Cargo Fleet

Min-Tsung Cheng and Chao-Ching Fu – Rust, Cross and Regeneration: The Conservation of Iron Bridge over Lower Tamsui River in Taiwan

Gill Chitty – Conserving tradition and trades in the South Yorkshire Iron Fields

Kathy Clark – Building their own platform: cast iron bandstands and the harmony of mass production

Anthony Coulls – Rocks by Rail

Harriet Devlin – Child labour in the coal mines, ironstone mines and ironworks of Shropshire and South Staffordshire in the 19th century. A comparison.

Paul Dobraszczyk – Ornament and transience: iron, decoration and the railway station

Howard Dooley – Pittsburgh vs. Detroit: The Best of Times or the Worst of Times for the Steel and Motor Cities

Di Drummond – ‘Two thin strips of iron’: The Invading landscape of the railway and the cultural construction of modernity and race in the British imperial imagination, 1850-1920

Anna Christina G. Ealdama – Galvanized Ironclad Wooden Houses of the Mountain Province in the Philippine Cordilleras

Andrés Eduardo – Landscape, Territory, Coffee and Steel in the Infrastructure of Transport in the Central West Colombian Coffee Region

Gerhard Ermischer – The Spessart – A forgotten Mining Landscape

Simone Fagioli – Iron, Charcoal and Labour mythology in Tuscany from the 1500s to 1900s

Donald Fels – Bagnoli

Wolfgang Fischer – The mining and industrial offer for tourists in the area of the Styrian Iron Route in Austria

Ivan Francisco Contreras Rubio and Edoardo Currà – Understanding iron and steel landscapes – historic and contemporary perspectives

Gabriel Gee – From steel to foam: romantic displacements and industrial revolutions

Merciu George-Laurentiu and Merciu Cristina and Cercleux Loreta – Regeneration of mettalurgical heritage in Resita Municipality (Romania) – a challenge for conservation and cultural valorisation

Petr Gibas – Steel, rust and photography: Fetishization of time within (post)socialist representations of industrial cities

Candice Goucher – Performing Iron in the Black Atlantic World

Mary Hackett – Cans of Convenience – reforging the domestic

Devena Haggis – Public Archaeology, the A-Bomb Dome and Industrial Heritage in Japan

Colin Harding – British Workers Make the Sparks Fly

Jörn Harfst – Opportunities for innovative approaches in old industrialised regions in Central Europe

Maria Hebenstreit – Puerto Sagunto – Paternalism, Social Interaction and Opposition in the Microcosm of a Single Factory Town

Carmen Hidalgo and Antonio Palacios – The Urban Operativity of the Iron Architecture in Madrid

Murielle Hladik – Ruin and Progress – Wörlitz Iron bridge between Past and Future

Stephen Hughes – Early Structural Iron in China, Russia and Wales

O.O. Ikelegbe – The Challenge of the Iron and Steel Industry in the Nigerian Economy

O.O. Ikelegbe – The Value of Iron and Steel in Subsistence Agriculture in Nigeria

O.O. Ikelegbe – Fabricated Iron work in Artifact production and Enhancing Household Security in Nigeria

Robert Protheroe Jones – An embarrassment of riches? Differing responses to Welsh iron, steel and tinplate sites

Lucia Jimena Juarez – Scottish cast-iron in Argentina: its role in the British informal imperial system

Anna Kasikova and Kristyna Stara – Steel Landscapes – Solid Willingness to New Use

Alick Kay and Shirley Chappel – Iron, Steel, Metal

Ece Kaya – Transformed Cultural Landscape of Darling Harbour

Shane Kelleher – Laser beams, transformative cartography and voluntary ground truthing’: Innovative approaches to managing, interpreting and understanding Bedlam Furnaces

Peter King – 18th century ironfounding: air furnaces and coke-smelting

Elaine Knight – Challenges in the presentation and interpretation of iron and steel heritage

Anne Knowles – The Struggle to Modernize the American Iron Industry, 1800-1868

Jacek Koj – Preservation of iron and steel heritage in the Upper Silesian urban area

Evgenia Kravchenkova – The Man of Labour in the Contemporary Russian Novel on Metallurgy

Anatoly Kurlaev – Understanding iron and steel landscapes of the Urals: science vs society

Chris Landorf – Mining the past: Using historic mining towns as a framework for sustainable communities

Felipe A. Lanuza Rilling – The Absent Landscape of the Iron Ring: A Reconstruction on Fragments of the Ex-Railway Circumvallation of Santiago

Niina Lehmusjärvi – Iron Ladies: Women as Iron Manufacture Owners in the 18th Century Sweden

Robert Lewis – Wenglish – dialect of Iron and Coal

Chao-Shiang Li – Industrial Heritage, Deconstruction and Art Intervention-the Regeneration of Iron and Steel Community in Kaohsiung

Sanja Loncar-Vickovic and Dina Stober – Romance Gone, Rust Remained; The Rise and Fall of Osijek’s Steel Landscapes

Lachlan MacKinnon – Reading a Labour Landmark in Sydney, Nova Scotia: The USWA Steelworkers’ Memorial Monument

Richard MacKinnon – Protest Song and Verse of the Steelworkers of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Claudia Marun Mascarenhas Martins – Textile Machines: Import and Export and Between Brazil and England in the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Centuries

David McBeath – Preservation, Conservation, Restoration and the renewal of traditions in a World Heritage Industrial Landscape Cockatoo Island Naval Dockyard

Jane McCutchan – ‘Ironing the Rural Landscape’ The Steam Mechanisation of Agriculture, 1860-1930

Dimitar Mehandjiev and Iliana Ovtcharova – City of Sofia’s post-industrial space

John Miller – Boom/Bust Dependency: The Geography of Steel Production and U.S. Rustbelt Regeneration

Neil Miller – The Invisible Qualities of Steel as a Cultural Determinant

Manlio Montuori – The proto-industrial evolutionary process: iron and catenary bridges in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Renato Morganti and Alessandra Tosone and Danilo Di Donato – Steel mill and landscape in Italy: A difficult heritage

Alvin Nicholas – The Nature of Post-Industrial Commons: A Regeneration Perspective

KH Nicholls – Beneath our feet – in ground liabilities associated with iron and steel making in Deeside, North Wales

Gyorgyi Nemeth – Rust without regeneration and romance: preservation of iron and steel heritage in Central and Eastern Europe

Allan Oladugbagbe – Iconography, Arts and Design of Metal Sculptures in Nigerian Arts Institutions (1980 – 2011)

Margaret Olugemisola – ArtIstic Textile Representations and the Caressive Force of Iron in Contemporary Art

Iliana Ovtcharova and Dimitar Mehandjiev – 20th century industrial heritage in Bulgaria – public regard, socialist legacy and other problems: the case of Kremikovtzi Metallurgical Plant

Martha Pallante and Donna DeBlasio and Thomas Leary – Shout Youngstown: Industrial Heritage Preservation, Interpretation and Planning in Ohio’s Steel Valley

Dominique Perchet – Cast iron to the rescue of industrial history…

Priscilla Perrud Silva – The Iron Gates of Modernity: An interpretation of the architectural language of architecture Iron present in the building of the former Railway Station Londrina-BR (1946-1986)

James Phillips – A Distant Mirror

Maria Inês Pinho and Isabel Maria Ribeiro Tavares de Pinho – The Art of Iron in Portugal

Len Pole – Wasting assets? The consumption of iron and its value in West Africa

Kinga Pozniak – A model socialist steel town enters the neoliberal age: remaking work, place and community in Nowa Huta, Poland.

Sigrun Prahl – Ruhr-Still-Leben Still-life A40/B1 a 60 kilometre festival of cultures – everyday culture in the Cultural Capital 2010

Massimo Preite – Italian and Steel Landscapes: What Remain and How to Protect Them

Pascal Raggi – Deindustrialization and Iron industry former workers’ heritage societies in Lorraine (from the 1980s to today)

Christopher James Reznich – Monument Immemorial and the Paradox of the Ecotourist

Michael Rimoldi – Steel backbone of engineering and civilization development

Peter Robinson – Urban Exploration and the Industrial Gaze

Steve Rogers – The Forgotten Landscapes Project

Zachary Rose – How Space Became Time: Gothic Revivalism and Nineteenth-Century Ferro-Vitreous Architecture

Ian Rotherham – Steel, Coal & Water as Agents in Landscape & Cultural Transformation

Tamsin Rowe – ‘Victorious over all’: the Shropshire iron founders and the contest for the land in the late nineteenth century.

Wang Ruxin – The renaissance of technological charms: Landscape regeneration of Shougang area in the Beijing urban renewal context

Olaf Schmidt-Rutsch – From Innovation to Decline: The Henrichshütte Ironworks at Hattingen and the Ruhr valley

Peter Sealy – Dematerialised Iron: The wish image in Emile Zola’s novels

Peter Sealy – Material Immateriality: the nineteenth-century perception of iron architecture

A.V. Seaton – Recasting the Celtic: Building iron bridges between places and cultures in mid-nineteenth century Wales

Suzanne Sebo – Morphological Analysis of the Industrial Port of Osaka Bay

Zhang Shengbing – The Heritage Value of Steel Culture in the Post-industrial Era: A Case Study of Beijing Shijingshan District

Wang Sin-Heng and Nishimura Yukio and Kubota Aya – Study on the Reuse of the Fushing Iron Bridge in Chiayi County, Taiwan

Anya Sirota – Detroit’s Packard Plant, feral reclamation and the unmaking of an unsolicited monument

Jennie Sjöholm – Traces of cultural heritage in a mining landscape: a case study of Kiruna’s urban transformation

Ed Slavishak – The Logical Place to Take a Picture From: William Gedney and Bethlehem Steel

David Small and Cameron B. Wesson – In Death as in Life: Social Signaling, Bethlehem Steel, and the Nisky Hill Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

John Smith – The Legacy of Paternalism in Bethlehem PA

Axel Sowa – Mimesis recast – Artistic production in the aftermath of Neoclassicism

Deirdre Spring – Coalhole cover as tourguide

Emma Stewart – Wilsontown Ironworks: the road to redemption

Motoko Sugano – Steel and Speech—an old railway viaduct in Caryl Phillips’s A Distant Shore

Ar. Tasneem Tariq – Designing Innovative Mega-Structures inspired from the landscape of Rangpur, Bangladesh

Lucia Tello-Peón – Heritage, landscape, and iron culture in Yucatán, México

Matt Thompson – ‘O, violated COLEBROOK!’ mapping and interpreting the post-industrial landscapes of Coalbrookdale

Oana Cristina Tiganea – The Legacy of a Political Regime. Hunedoara Steelworks: From Industrial Architecture to Industrial Landscape, 1947 – 89

Julia Torpey – Leaving Only Footprints

Alessandra Tosone – The Iron as Landscape Material: The Case of Railway Bridges in the Italian Territory

Franc Trček – The Hradecki Bridge/Morgue Bridge: the cast iron bridge that changes its location

Paul H Vigor – Bedlam Furnace, Ironbridge: revisited, revised

Anne Warr – Corrugated Iron – Transforming the Australian Landscape

Corina Weidinger – Picturing Industrial Landscapes: Maximilien Luce’s Late-Nineteenth-Century Paintings of Charleroi

Que Weimin – World Heritage Perspective on Hanyeping Company

Cameron B. Wesson and David Small – From Workplace to Theatrical Backdrop: Sacrificing Working Class History in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Brad West – Remember the Vietnam War in the ‘Land of Steel’: War Remnants and the Polysemic Nature of Material Culture at the Cu Chi Tunnels

Joel Woller – Rust, Resistance, and Popular Education: The Story of the Battle of Homestead Foundation

Nadide Ebru Yazar – Railway Heritage of Roundhouses in Turkey

Lin Yi-Ping – The Dilemma of Development: An Uncertain Future of Taipei Railway Workshop

Qi Yongfeng and MA Ming – The Creative Conversion of Iron Resources and the Development of Cultural Creative Industries

Jerica Ziherl and Branko Metzger – The Industrial Heritage of Rijeka – Rijeka’s Gnawn Skeleton


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